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AMERIGEL Wound Wash is a pressurized First-aid solution to cleanse wounds, cuts, scrapes and minor burns painlessly.  The Sterile, Drug-Free, Preservative-Free, pH neutral solution helps promote healing of cuts, scrapes and minor burns without any discomfort from burning or stinging.

Convenient, effective and easy to use system with no refrigeration necessary allows you to take the wound wash on camping trips, sports outings or family vacations.  The just point and spray pressurized 360 degree dispensing system sprays at any angle for those hard to reach areas and helps to remove debris, dirt and foreign material.

Cleanse your wounds painlessly with AMERIGEL® Wound Wash!

Product Specifications and Benefits

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Why Use AMERIGEL® Products?

  • Rated #1 Topical Wound/Ulcer treatment by Podiatric Physicians.
  • Provides a moist wound environment to promote natural wound healing for cuts, scrapes, wounds and ulcers.
  • Antibiotic Free- Safe for patients with known allergies to common topical triple antibiotics.
  • Approved by the APMA.
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What Patients Say

Additional Testimonials about Amerigel Products

“Bravo!  A while ago I saw an evening TV ad for AMERIGEL Wound Dressing, and since WalMart is open 24 hours a day, I raced right up there and bought a tube.  It is wonderful!  I’ve had venous ulcers for 15 years – they break open and are very painful…  Whenever I can promote your product, I will – forever.  Thank you for your discovery.”
Sam Hunkin, Naples, FL
“I am a quadriplegic with diabetes. I have been using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for about 5 years and highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of wound or sore. Great for preventing foot problems before they get bad.”
Lloyd Jensen