What Consumers and Patients have to say about AMERIGEL® Products!

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I had an 8 month long experience with wound care doctors last year after I jabbed myself accidentally with my thumbnail. It was a terrible experience. I remembered I had used a product in the past with oak extract. It did wonders for me. I ordered some AMERIGEL, and within two days of using AMERIGEL, the almost inch wide open wound started to close.

I always keep a tube of AMERIGEL handy now. Thanks for a good product.

S. Cardner Lakeland, FL

I was home with a very serious wound on my left foot when I saw an ad for AMERIGEL in my nurse practitioner magazine. I called your company and found out I could buy it at Wal-Mart. I wanted to let you know that your product worked. It healed my wound. Thank you so much for all your help.

K. Waldron, ARNP Stillwater, OK

Your hydrogel wound dressing is such a miracle. I had a sore on my heel for over three years. I have been to many doctors, and it has never been able to heal. God bless you and thank you. It’s halfway healed and the skin circular crack is starting to grow back together.

R. Rice Mitchell, SD

I just have to tell you that after one treatment on my thumb… which had major dry skin and open wounds… the wound was healed ….and the dry places on my palms are just about gone. I’ve suffered with Eczema for a long time and believe me I’ve tried EVERYTHING… Thank you very, very much for AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and Care Lotion.

T. Boyle Houston, Tx

For the past 2 years… I tried everything on the pharmacy shelf to ease the itching and pain. Nothing worked. Then my daughter saw an ad for your AMERIGEL products in the local newspaper. I figured it was worth a try. So I ordered the Wound Dressing and the Care lotion. Upon using your products, my hands started clearing up. It took about two weeks… Thank you so much for an excellent product.

R. Butler

AMERIGEL Wound Dressing healed a shallow ulcer on the right leg caused by poor circulation after quintuple coronary bypass surgery (on wife). AMERIGEL Care Lotion has maintained leg well.

R. Higgins, Jr. Port Jefferson, NY

As a member of the US Coast Guard, I’m out on the water a lot. Inevitably I get sunburnt. I use AMERIGEL Care lotion… Most of the redness is gone the next day. Next to my life jacket, AMERIGEL Care lotion is my biggest saver.

Petty Officer K. Pyle US Coast Guard Reserves

AMERIGEL products have made a huge difference in my sister’s skin care. Where her skin was breaking down and in areas that were never healed for years, there is complete healing. I continue to use the products as a preventative, but her skin is healed and stronger. These are the best products I have ever used, including those I used in caring for my parents.

R. Webb Tampa, FL

A few weeks ago I had a serious fall on my cement driveway resulting in a nasty bruise on my face. I applied AMERIGEL Care Lotion twice daily faithfully and was most surprised to see that it had an effect almost immediately. After 12 days my skin had returned to normal… I took this same fall 3 years ago and it took 6 weeks to heal.

J. Palmer Pasadena, CA

My son, Greg, is a quadriplegic. I have been using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and Care lotion for the past three years whenever he experiences skin rashes or pressure ulcers. They help him heal… and prevent further problems. The results are excellent. I am very satisfied with your products and will continue to use them to help my son.

S. VanCardo Port St. Lucie, FL

I wanted to let you know that I have using your Care lotion on my son for the last several years… The Care lotion has been and continues to be fantastic … I cannot thank you enough for making this product. I also cannot say enough about this product. Once again thank you and please keep up the good work that you do.


Thank you for the AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and Care Lotion! I am a serious diabetic who has already had toes amputated, so prevention is very important to me. AMERIGEL is the product I’ve used that actually works. I’ve used prescription topicals – very, very expensive ones – that don’t work nearly as well. I recommend AMERIGEL to everyone I know with diabetes.

F. O'Callaghan St. Petersburg, FL

I have used your Care Lotion for over a year, as well as AMERIGEL Wound Dressing for my leg ulcers and postoperative rehabilitation of my legs. They are the best I have found.

J. Mahanay Isle, MN

I have serious medical problems with my legs – I am a diabetic and prone to cracking, dry skin and infected wounds. My medical bills in the past two years are in excess of $100,000 just for infections and hyperbaric chamber treatments. I have been using AMERIGEL Wound Dressing and Care lotion for the past month and a half. My serious wound has healed and my legs are no longer dry and cracking. I am so pleased with the results and suggest that doctors become familiar with your products so other patients could achieve similar results.

D. Harmon Jacksonville, FL