What Consumers and Patients have to say about AMERIGEL® Products!

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Your hydrogel wound dressing is such a miracle. I had a sore on my heel for over three years. I have been to many doctors, and it has never been able to heal. Good bless you and thank you. It’s half way healed and the skin circular crack is starting to grow back togethe.

R. Rice Mitchell, SD

I had an 8 month long experience with wound care doctors last year after I jabbed myself accidentally with my thumbnail. It was a terrible experience. I remembered I had used a product in the past with oak extract. It did wonders for me. I ordered some AMERIGEL, and within two days of using AMERIGEL, the almost inch wide open wound started to close.

I always keep a tube of AMERIGEL handy now. Thanks for a good product.

S. Cardner Lakeland, FL