A burn is a type of skin injury commonly caused by heat, chemicals, radiation or friction.  Most burns are minor injuries that affect the outer layers (epidermis) of the skin.  A first-degree burn is the least serious and involves a reddened, inflamed area on the outer layer of the skin that can be swollen and painful.  A second-degree burn involves the first and second layers of skin where blisters develop and there is severe pain and swelling.  Skin takes on a splotchy intensely reddened area and blisters can be bloody.  First and second degree burns can generally be resolved with first-aid treatment to the injury. Burns involving large areas of skin (greater than 3 inches) can prompt a systemic (whole body) inflammatory response and require medical attention.

Third and fourth-degree burns are major burns that involve injury to all layers of the skin and can extend under the skin to muscle and bone.  Third and fourth-degree burns require immediate emergency medical treatment.

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