Hemosiderin Staining

Hemosiderin Staining is the appearance of brownish patches above the ankles that usually occur when red blood cells break down and begin to leak iron.  As the iron deposits begin to accumulate under the skin, staining in the form of patches begins to develop.  Deposits can develop as a result of surgery, blunt trauma, or hemorrhage.  People with poor circulation from diabetes, vascular insufficiency, or cardiovascular diseases are also prone to develop Hemosiderin Stains.

AMERIGEL Care Lotion with Oakin® (oak extract) has been shown to help resolve Hemosiderin Staining through its unique formulation.  The Care Lotion’s fast absorbing formulation penetrates through the outer layers of skin allowing the oak extract to bond with the accumulated Iron deposits, helping the body to break down and naturally reabsorb the smaller iron particles. This process continues with every application of AMERIGEL Care Lotion until the deposits have been fully dissolved.  For best results, it is recommended to apply AMERIGEL Care Lotion to the affected area, 2-3 times a day.

The length of time required for the Hemosiderin Stains to dissipate can vary based on location, the number of accumulated iron deposits, and blood flow.  A clear way to gauge success is to establish a baseline.  Take a picture and measurements of the Hemosiderin staining prior to using AMERIGEL Care Lotion.  Follow-up photos and measurements should be taken weekly.  Progress will likely be best observed when comparing photos and measurements taken periodically to the baseline rather than by frequent visualization.