Diabetic Skin

Diabetes affects the entire body including the largest organ, the skin.  The increased blood glucose levels from diabetes cause the body to lose fluid at a higher rate than normal resulting in dehydrated skin.  Nerve damage caused by Diabetic Neuropathy decreases the amount of sweat resulting in loss of moisture and the development of dry, patchy skin.

Dry, scaly skin provides an opportunity for fungus and bacteria to grow causing people with diabetes to be more susceptible to skin infections.  According to the American Diabetes Association, skin infections affect as many as “33% of people with diabetes” and can lead to further skin complications including rashes, itchy skin, blisters, or eventually an ulcer.  A daily routine of good skin care is essential for diabetics to maintain healthy, hydrated skin and prevent skin breakdown.

AMERIGEL Care Lotion is recommended for diabetics to rehydrate dry irritated skin and promote healthy skin. It is recommended Diabetics apply AMERIGEL Care Lotion to lower legs, ankles, and feet 2-3 times a day for best results.