Pruritus is an itch or a sensation that makes you want to scratch. The exact cause of an “itch” is still unknown. Pruritus can cause discomfort and be frustrating. If it is severe, it can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. There are many skin conditions like hives and eczema which may have skin itching associated with a rash. Some skin conditions only have symptoms of pruritus without having an obvious rash. Dry skin can itch, especially in the winter, with no visual signs of a rash.

Using a moisturizer like AMERIGEL Care Lotion with dimethicone to protect and hydrate your skin and urea to soften the accumulation of dry skin, helps to relieve the urge to scratch.  For best results: take a short, lukewarm bath/shower, blot your skin dry, and apply a generous amount of AMERIGEL Care Lotion.

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